video & audio editing

V & A

Bruce Norton

Iliyana's 360º interactive video (Thinglink)

week 11-15: interview lighting

Check out these videos on interview lighting

5.1 script / interview questions

Write a script for your scene, or adapt one from a play, movie or TV show

OR... write an intro & questions for someone you will be interviews.

5.2 project plan

Working backwards from the due date (Dec. 2 / 9) create a project plan that includes the following:

  • ganntt chart with schedule Excel templates (ongoing starting today)
    • dates / tasks
    • person responsible
    • deliverables
    • other details (equipment gathering etc)
  • gear list
  • shot list
  • lighting plan
  • set description
  • props list

project 5 Scene / Interview

Plan, shoot, edit and publish a video of a scripted scene or planned interview. Note that a planned interview is diffrent from an unplanned event interview. Specifically you plan who you will interview, where, pre-written questions etc.

The added focus will be on planning, scripting / questions, setting & lighting (natural or with lights). Criteria include:

  • effective communication i.e. tell a story, create a mood, evoke an emotion
  • composition
  • effective cuts & transitions
  • planning (script / questions & gear list)
  • clear audio recording
  • effective audio processing
  • titles, credits,
  • use of b-roll footage
  • light setup planning

due: Dec 2 (suggested) or 9 (mandatory)

Scene Interview resources

Here's an example scene "Day in the life". (With interview elements!)

week 10: project deadlines

project choice 1 of 2, November 4 suggested, November 11 mandatory.

For those of you who missed class last week, here are the project deadlines & details.

The idea is that if you are doing Stop Motion, you can probably show it on Friday Nov 5. If you are doing the Event project, you will present on Friday Nov. 12

project choice 2 of 2, December 2 suggested, December 9 mandatory.

Ideally you will present your final project on Dec 2, freeing up some time for the final week of classes.

project 4 Event evaluation criteria

Plan, shoot, edit and publish a video of an event. The event can be almost anything from a big public event, to a small, private activity. The goal is to share the event for those who did not attend, or as a "souvenir" for those who did.

The added focus will be capturing & processing good, clear voice audio, either live or a voice-over. Criteria include:

  • effective communication i.e. tell a story, create a mood, evoke an emotion
  • composition
  • effective cuts & transitions
  • planning (shot-list)
  • clear audio recording
  • effective audio processing
  • titles, credits,
  • use of b-roll footage

due: Nov 4 (suggested) or 11 (mandatory)

week 9: audio editing with Audition

Use Audition to process your audio, improving the sound and editing out any noise.

audio edit for voice

audio edit concert footage

edit out noise from a concert

week 8: project 4 event

Today we will focus on audio recording.

ex 4.1 9 audio recordings

Shoot 3 different subjects with voice & ambient audio, using 3 different recording techniques.

Put these into a video with labels about how you recorded. (Similar to the composition exercise.

  • straight from camera / phone
  • 2 cameras / phones, using 1 as a mic
  • using headphone mic as mic
  • lav mic
  • handheld mic
  • room mic
  • shotgun mic

due: Friday, Oct 29, end of class

ex 4.2 shot list

Create a shot list BEFORE your event. This will help you to not miss any important shots for telling the story of your event.

Here is an example shot list, yours may vary:

  • extreme wide of venue
  • street signs
  • signage from venue
  • ticket / program
  • footage of show (duh!@!)
  • audience reaction to show
  • interview 3 or 4 people before the show
  • interview 3 or 4 people after the show
  • b-roll, cinematic baby!!
  • any others you think of.

due: show me before you film your event

event project resources

Peter McKinnon, a Canadian dude, is the master of the b-roll. Check out a few of his videos:

check these out:

week 7: feedback / montage / stop motion

Stop Motion ** optional exercise & project**

You do not have to do ANY stop motion.

ex 3.1 stop motion practice (optional)

shoot a 3-second or more stop motion video

add sound effects

add a sound track

add voice over or speaking parts (if appropriate)

due: Friday Oct. 22 (end of class)

ex 3.2 stop motion storyboard

Create a 6+ frame storyboard to plan your stop motion video which includes the folloing:

  • sketch of shot (can be just stick-figure)
  • script (stuff characters say)
  • sound effects
  • sound track (music)

due: Friday Oct. 29 (end of class)

See Sydney's storyboard

project 3: stop motion

if you decide to do a stop motion projet you MUST do a storyboard (see ex 3.2 above)

Create a stop motion video of 6s + that tells a story.

Focus will be on a telling a story with a beginning, middle and end.

The beginning should present a problem, goal, destination, conflict etc.

The middle should be the action, journey, solutions tried etc.

The end should climax with a resolution or final action that solves (or not) the problem presented in the beginning.

evaluation will be based on the following:

  • story quality
  • composition of shots including
    • characters / puppets
    • scene or setting
    • lighting
    • camera movement
  • audio including voice, sfx & sound track
  • cuts & transitions
class notes

stop motion examples

stop motion and looping

stop motion resources

Nikon's top tips
Instead of a trigger, you can use your 2s timer function to reduce movement on shutter release.


StikBot site with links to the app.

Anima Shooter for Windows 10 (21-day trial with no restrictions). Or get the junior version that is free.



Oren Lavie

stop motion in the office

against the grain music video

random feedback

absent, let me know via Mio before class

stay for the entire class! Marks are suffering.

  • for montage / most videos >> remove 'controls="false", loop & autoplay
  • Isabella's montage
  • keep web pages responsive? Always?!?
  • folder / file management (M..)
  • don't link to .mp4s... put them on a page.
  • embedding YouTube videos = good.
  • adding a mini page, even better
  • title tags!!
  • embed YouTube + css to be responsive

  • 9-shots montage

    • always fade sound in (even if only for 15 frames) and fade out, especially sound tracks
    • sync music to end then work backwards
    • awesome sync with drop: Mathis
    • must watch from Thibaud
    • Alyssa's is nicely done with the music sync.
    • what's with all the "pouring" shot? Water, coffee, milk, oat milk
    • I realized I miss smiles.

    week 6: projects / montage / effect controls

    so much to cover today...

    • composition exercise final deadline by end of class
    • late assignments 0.9 / 0.6
    • feedback groups
    • final montage due midnight today (okay by Wednesday Oct. 6)
    • next 2/3 projects
      • stop motion (just fun... for some)
      • event (shot list, ambient audio)
      • interview / scene (plan, questions / script, audio & lighting)
    • ** do at least one exercise or project in 360º video? **
    • effect controls & key frames
    • getting good (or at least better audio)

    week 5: montage

    Create a montage of 30s - 60s that is synced to music.

    You shoud focus on the following:

    • composition of your shots
    • sync cuts to music cues
    • set a mood, tell a story, evoke a reaction
    • you do NOT have to have a ton of shot variety, story / message is more important

    due Oct 1st(?) 6th

    resources for montage

    past examples

    cool examples of loops

    week 4: (but 3rd class)

    Here is what we are working on.

    • check the link to your /video/ page works.
    • ex 1.1 looping video must be done before you leave
    • ex 1.2 /video/ web page must be done before you leave
    • project 1 background looping video SHOULD be done before you leave
    • shoot & / or edit footage for composition exercise 2.1

    composition resources

    read / watch these compostion techniques

    ex2.1 composition

    Shoot 3 subjects x 3 different composition techniques = 9 total shots.

    Plus add the following:

    • a title
    • subtitle / label for each shot
    • sound track
    • credits at the end
    • ideally post it on it's own page with a link from your home page

    due: Friday Sept. 24th, end of day

    check out Julius' example

    week 3: montage

    cuts & transitions

    Check out this video from Pond 5

    And try some of these editing techniques in your project:

    • standard cut
    • fade in/fade out
    • jump cut
    • montage
    • cross dissolve
    • wipe
    • J/L cuts
    • cutting on action
    • cutaways
    • cross cut parallel editing
    • match cut
    • smash cut
    • invisible cut

    articles on editing

    week 2

    Main focus is getting everyone connected and uploading.

    Hopefully you have watched the videos.

    Check out some examples from Meiji from last year.

    Plesk & sftp setup

    logging into Plesk

    sftp setup

    setting up sftp in VSC

    project 1: background looping video

    background looping videos are often used to enhance websites

    • communicating brand or style
    • setting a mood
    • adding an image
    • focusing attention

    Exercise 1.1: background loop

    Create a looping video for a web page background.

    Add it to your /video homepage or link to another page.

    due: Sept. 17

    ex 1.2 /video web page

    Create a web page /video/index.html where you can post links to all your exercises and projects.

    due: Sept. 17

    background looping video video tutorial

    another looping video

    This loop uses focus blur to hide the loop point

    Here's one I did for a client

    In Adobe Media Encoder:

    • drag & drop your video to the Queue area
    • click on "preset" link to edit in & out points
    • turn off export audio
    • set video to bitrate setting to VBR, 2 pass
    • set in & out points on video to create a smooth loop
    • click ok then the green arrow to start the render

    upload the video then add the following HTML

              <video  autoplay loop muted playsinline>
                <source src="vdos/coffee_pour_slo-mo.mp4" type="video/mp4">
                Your browser does not support HTML5 video.

    autoplay: starts the video on load

    loop: loops video back to beginning

    muted: mutes any audio track (if present), needed to autoplay on Webkit & mobile.

    Add the following CSS to create a responsive video.

    header video{ 
              width: 100%; 
              max-width: 100vw; 
              max-height: 100vh;