Becoming Designers 2 2023

Virtual Vernissage

April 1st launch

Please link the following from your becoming2/ homepage.

  • digital portfolio (permanent link, will NOT change, clean link i.e. not /portfolio_final_final_v23)
    • web portfolio
    • print portfolio
    • print portfolio PDF
    • other portfolios (video, photo, 3d, etc)
  • web case study
  • print case study

Becoming 2 Projects

We will be working on 3 main projects:

  • Print & Digital Portfolios
    • presentations March 31
  • Vernissage
    • Virtual April 1 launch
    • April 13 3-8pm
  • improve web project
    • weeks 1-3
  • improve print project
    • weeks 2-4
  • web case study
    • March 10
  • print case study / personal project
    • March 21
  • psychology case study
    • add to portfolio?

50% Assignments

25% Digital Portfolio

25%Print Portfolio

  • Assignments submitted on time earn 10%.
  • Somewhat late submissions do not earn that 10%.
  • Work submitted after being evaluated & returned can earn a maximum of 60%

If it's not linked, it doesn't exist!!

important note!

Nobody outside Vanier (and even 90% at Vanier) have no idea what OST: Micropublishing and Hypermedia is!

For CV, cover letters & portfolios use:

OST: Micropublishing & Hypermedia, a three-year graphic design and web development program.

Then don't be shy to describe what you did in the program in more detail.

If your poster or work was chosen be sure to highlight it / them.

case studies

We will be doing 2 case studies:

  • a web case study
  • a personal print project & case study


  • You can choose from:
    • a web project you have already completed
    • the client web project from web://5
    • a new web project or something done outside of class


  • Add a brand new personal project to your portfolios demonstrating your individual creativity and style
  • Present your personal project with a case study showing creative process from start to finish.

See Teams for the Elements of a Case Study document

Web Case Studies

Print Case Studies

a few professional samples

miscellaneous resources

just a bunch of rando stuff I add that I think may help


register a domain then host your portfolio on our web server

Cloudflare domain

registering a domain should cost about $10USD

  • create a cloudflare account & register your domain
  • set "A" record to our web server IP
  • login to Plesk
  • add domain & configure ftp user
  • set up VSC to connect & manage domain the same way you do your micromedia account

modal demo

walkabout demo

portfolio modal

modal fetch

exercise 2.1 print improvement feedback

Share 3-5 print projects. Choose at least 1 project you plan to improve. Add the following:

  • a link to the site project
  • suggestions & feedback you received
  • what you plan to change

due; Friday Feb 2 by end of class

getting & giving feedback

  • share what you like. Listen to what is good & do more of that.
  • this reminds me of... Ask yourself why / how your work is similar. Research? How is yours different?
  • open ended question. Don't answer the question verbally, answer it in your work.
  • something good, something to improve, something good. Consider taking the suggestions and making improvements.
  • try one of these techniques
  • more feedback on feedback

Plus an article regarding feedback:

exercise 1.1: becoming2/ homepage

Create a becoming2/ homepage (index.html) where you will link all your assignments and projects.

Please use the following workflow for designing your homepage:

  • sketch wireframes for layout to include the following:
    • nav
    • header
    • main
    • sections in main
    • footer
    • other elements?
  • plan CSS styles you will need to create
  • choose a nice Google fonts combination
  • decide on a colour scheme

Your web page should be:

  • mobile first
  • responsive
  • semantic
  • styled using CSS Grid for layout

Your homepage should include the following:

  • your name
  • links to your other work, portfolios etc

target: Friday Jan 27th, end of class. Show me before you leave.

exercise 1.2 web improvement feedback

Share which web project you plan to improve. Add the following:

  • a link to the site (with a screen shot?)
  • suggestions & feedback you received
  • list of what you plan to change

due; Friday January 27 by end of class

If it's not linked, it doesn't exist!